Installing develooping flash chat
Version 1.6.3
en español


The use of this software (develooping flash chat) is free. You can use it and modify it under your own responsibility. Any improvement introduced in the software must be shared with the community. You must conserve the credit of all the people who have participated in this creation.

Server requirements

Client requirements


  1. Open the file "config.php". You can find it in "required"directory.
  2. Replace the variable $url="" by the url where you'll place the directory "chat" in your server (ending with /).
  3. Upload the file "intro.php", "index.php" and the directory "chat" to your server (the directory "chat" must be uploaded as you assigned in "config.php", and "intro.php" must be one level up). Don't upload "chat.swf" in ASCII mode. If you upload in ASCII mode a flash file it'll have problems to run.
  4. Assign the following privileges to the files "msg.txt", "users.txt" and "banned_ip.txt" (within chat/required/): the owner has permission for read, write and execute, and the group and the world
    permission for reading and writting (chmod 766). All the other archives can have permission of reading and writing for the owner and permission for reading for the group and the world (chmod644).
  5. IT'S ALL. NOW IT MUST BE WORKING. Write the url in your browser (index.php) and try it.
  6. You can insert a link to the chat in other page, with an iFrame containing the page index.php.

Script customization

The file "config.php" within the directory "required" have some variables that you can use to customize the script. the first thing you must to do is to change the default values "admin" for the variables $admin_name and$admin_password. Write the new name and password you want to use to administrate the chat room.

There are also a lot of variables you can translate or modify in order to fit your style. The meaning of this variables are explained in the file itself


All the text used by the system are defined in the configuration file "config.php". To translate the chat to other languages, just modify the corresponding texts in this file, or replace this file by one translated to other language.
Develooping flash chat comes with english, spanish, catalonian, euskera (vasconian), dutch, french, german, hungarian, portuguese, italian, romanian and swedish files, as "config.php" files inside the directory "languages". To select one or other, just place the corresponding "config.php" file into the directory "required".
If you translate deveelooping flash chat to other language, please, send me the new file "config.php" in order to incorporate it (with your name) in the distributed version

HTML Customization

The file "intro.php" at the first directory level is an HTML file that you can customize whenever you respect scripts that contains.
The same happens with the file "index.php " within the directory "chat"
If you want, you can customize the administration pages too (admin.php, adminips.php and adminusers.php).
The rest of files are pure php scripts.

Flash Customization

Within directory "flash_sources" you can find the files "chat.fla", "count_users.fla" and"private_messages.fla". You can edit thee files to fit your necessities and export again in flash 5 format. If you are not very expert in Flash and Actionscript, try not modify more than the essential things (size, graphics and colours). Of course, you are free to modify everything you want in the files and scripts under your own responsibility.

Other interesting notes

If all these indications are not enough for you, or you want to know more, follow the next link to read more notes

For suggestion, doubts or bugs, contact me

Juan Carlos Posť