getTypeU(); if ($type > 8) { header("Location: $UPREFIX/db/helper.php\n\n"); exit(); } commonHeader("IRM Center"); if($type < 8) { ?>
Welcome to IRM, the ITC Resource Manager. This is the command center which is designed to allow a quick look at all work requests assigned to you, as well as an overview of recent changes. Navigate by choosing an entry on the toolbar above or a quickjump to the right. Välkommen till IRM, ITC resursmanager. Detta är startsidan, som presenterar en överblick på de senaste nyheterna och ändringarna i IRM, samt de ärenden som är aktiva. Navigera genom att välja i menyn ovan eller i snabbvalet till höger.
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prepare($query); show_events($sth); $query = "SELECT advanced_tracking,tracking_order FROM prefs WHERE (user = '$IRMName')"; $sth = $adb->prepare($query); if($sth) { $res = $sth->execute(); $result = $sth->fetchrow_hash(); $advanced_tracking = $result["advanced_tracking"]; $tracking_order = $result["tracking_order"]; $sth->finish(); } else { PRINT "Could not prepare query: ".$sth->errstr."
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\n"; } if($type > 7) { ?> Welcome to IRM, the Information Resource Manager! This is the command center. The command center is designed to allow a quick look at all work requests entered by you, as well as give you access to enter new work requests. You can navigate to any of the sub modules of IRM by choosing the appropiate entry on the toolbar above.
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