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\n"; } if ($numRows != 1) { commonHeader("IRM Tracking - Bad ID Number"); PRINT "It appears that you have entered an incorrect IRM server ID or system ID number. Please try again.
"; commonFooter(); exit(); } commonHeader("IRM Tracking - Add Job"); ?> You can use this form to submit a problem report or request help with a server resource. Please fill out the entire form as clearly as possible.

First, select how urgent the request is. If it can wait, select a low priority. If critical, select a high priority. If you are unsure how important the problem is, leaving it at its present value should be OK.


Next, we need to be able to tell who the job came from. Please enter your name below.


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\n"; } PRINT "$computername ($ID)
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Describe the problem. Please be as clear as possible, but also keep it short. Do not simply type 'It doesn't work', but instead be more specific, for example, 'When I switch the server on it makes a really loud grinding noise and nothing else happens.'

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