dbh_do($query); header("Location: $HTTP_REFERER"); // PRINT "IRM System Setup updated, click here to view or modify the new settings.\n"; } else { commonHeader("IRM System Setup"); ?> Welcome to IRM's System Setup. Here is where we will set up IRM's system configuration. On this page you will be able to set system wide settings such as whether IRM should support computer groups, whether someone should be emailed when a new work request is entered etc.

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Functional Options
Notify a person who has been assigned a work request via email.
Notify someone via email when a user has entered a new work request.
The email address that should receive notification when a user has entered a work request (seperate multiple email addresses with a comma).
Select this option if you would like to be able to group computers together. This is valuable if you would like people to be able to submit work requests against large numbers of computers, such as a computer lab.
If this option is selected, users will be able to search for their computer by name instead of being forced to type in an IRM ID to enter a work request.
This option allows users to request updates via email when a tracking job they entered is update in any way (e.g. someone adds a followup, it is marked complete, etc.).
Send expires and pragma: nocache headers.
Show a user the jobs assigned to him or her immediately after logging on. If this is not selected, only the number of jobs the user has assigned is displayed.
Select the Minimum Log Level.
The name of the image file you would like used for the IRM logo. Note: is prepended to any value you enter here.
Would you like to use the Knowledge Base system that is now built in to IRM?
Would you like to use the the FastTrack capability?
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
Do you wish to enable snmp monitoring (ignore the rest of the questions in this section if you don't check this option).
The name of the "read" or "public" snmp community.
Ping this host when it is loaded into the computer editer. This option can cause big delays if the host is down - use with caution.
Interface options
Do you wish to enable anonymous actions? (Submit ticket, read FAQ, etc).
Do you wish to enable users to submit trouble ticket anonymously?.
Do you wish to enable users to read the FAQ anonymously? .